A First-Timer’s Guide To Estate Sale Shopping

Some people love spending their Saturdays on someone else's lawn, looking for great deals. Garage sales can be a quick way to find a cool or interesting item for an affordable price, but the trouble with garage sales is that the items are already things that no one at the home wanted anymore. They can quickly become picked-over, with only a few really great items. However, there is another option: estate sales.

If you think estate sales are only for old ladies, sipping tea in funny hats, think again. Estate sales are more like well-organized garage sales, because they are often run by professionals. Estate owners hire curators, from companies like Windsor Galleries, to manage the sale, so there is less personal attachment to items, and that can sometimes be seen in the prices.

As people arrive at an estate sale, they are sometimes given a number so that there are not too many people inside the home at one time. Once inside, you can take your time looking, and you may even be able to see the ways that the previous owner used the items you are interested in.

Also, because estate sales are used in order to sell the entire contents of the home, you may be able to find some real treasures. Things that may go quickly, within the first few minutes of a garage sale, may not go quite as quickly at an estate sale because there are usually quite a few choice items rather than just one or two things. This can make it worthwhile to attend an estate sale even if you are not able to arrive first thing in the morning. If you are spending the day on the garage sale circuit, why not add an estate sale at the end of the list?

Another great thing about estate sales is that they help you to cut out the middle man. If you are used to finding cool pieces at flea markets, estate sales are a great option because the pieces that you find at the flea market often come from estate sales. Skipping the flea market can save you money. There may be a slight mark-up if the estate owner is using a curator for the sale. However, you can imagine that the price will be even higher from the flea market, where you pay for the original price of the item, plus the commission of the salesperson.

Don't you think it is time to venture out? The idea of attending an estate sale may be a little bit new and intimidating, but it can be an adventure. You never know what kind of treasures you will find unless you go.