Transform Your Living Area Into A New Year’s Eve Party Place

Have you been wanting to host the party of the year? New Year's Eve is the perfect time to have all of your friends and family over, and you don't even need to rent a banquet hall to provide the perfect scenario for your event.

Send Out Invitations - Don't wait another day! Once December hits, people start making their plans for the holidays, and the calendars fill up quickly. Don't forget to include the appropriate dress for the evening. Even though not everybody will respond, it's also really good to ask for RSVPs. Make that easier for everybody by adding, "Regrets only."

Plan The Activities - Will there be children at your party? Setting your house up in a special way is a great way to give the kids their own space.

  • Store Your Furniture - Whether you have large rooms or smaller ones, consider storing your larger pieces of furniture. Private storage, such as at Midway Moving & Storage, is a convenient way to temporarily get rid of your things, and it's affordable. Many facilities allow you to rent a small unit just for a few days, and you can have the peace of mind of knowing that your things will be in a safe place. If you decide you want to retrieve something for the party, you can easily access the storage unit.
  • Set Up The Kid's Area - Consider dividing your family room into two sections. One section, in front of the television set, will be perfect for throw pillows for those who want to watch a family-friendly movie. The rest of the room can be set up with board games. Set out coloring books and crayons, but make sure the crayons are washable.
  • Prepare The Living Room - Now that you have taken all the big furniture out of the room, there will be plenty of room for dancing. Pick out a great mix of songs. If you have older people at your party, remember the great songs of artists like Johnny Mathis, Andy Williams, Nat "King" Cole, and the Platters. Don't be surprised if adults join the kids for games and the movie, and be even less surprised when the kids want to join the adults for dancing. Both scenarios will just make for a more special party.

Plan Your Menu - By preparing the food the day before your party, you can eliminate the stress of last minute work.

  • The Kid's Buffet - Consider having finger foods that kids can serve themselves. Tortilla rolls filled with cream cheese and jelly are not only delicious but easy to make. Chips and dips, baby carrots and cheese cubes are good choices, too. The focus for the kids, though, will be a fun center with bowls of different kinds of candies. They'll think they died and went to heaven!
  • For The Adults - Don't plan anything that needs to be heated. Party trays that have assorted meats are easy to arrange the day before your party, and they'll be wonderful with different specialty breads and a variety of spreads. Have a veggie tray, too. However, include adult-friendly choices like asparagus spears, bacon wrapped green beans, and small tomatoes filled with chicken salad. Instead of the traditional chips and dips, consider serving fancy crackers and international cheeses. Copy cat the kid's table and have wonderful sweets for the adults, too.

Congratulations on planning a great New Year's Eve party!