Prepare Your Grass For Winter Weather

Winter is tight around the corner.  The weather is starting to get cold, and what was once a brilliant green is changing to more of a muted hue.  It is normal – this is what happens to our grass and trees in the winter.  They are going dormant, as they need to do to survive the harsh weather.  But that doesn't stop you from feeling a slight twinge of loss when you see it happening.  After all the work you did to keep grass healthy, lush, and green during the spring and summer, it is hard to see it change to a dull yellow and stay that way for four or five months out of the year. 

There isn't a lot to do with grass during the winter months – the feeding and watering you did during the warmer season has prepared it for this time of the year.  Even though most of the work has already been done, there are some important steps you can take to when the temperature begins to drop.  Use this list as your guide for things to look out for to make sure that your grass stays healthy for the spring season:

  1. Watch out for disease. It can crop up when you least expect it.  When the weather changes, fungus can grow on your grass. Taking care of it while the grass is dormant will help it to emerge healthy in spring.
  2. Be sure to fertilize before the first freeze.  This will replace the nutrients that were lost during the warmer weather.
  3. Make sure your lawn is free of garbage.  Anything that sits on it for long periods of time can create dead spots that will be eyesores when the season warms up.
  4. Cut your grass low before the first frost. This helps to help keep weeds at bay.  Cutting your grass low also keeps the field mice that are looking for shelter out. Going as low as 3" to 4" inches is recommended.

With this year's wonky weather, you still have the chance to implement these steps and prepare your grass for winter, even with it being so late in the season.  Taking care of your lawn is a year-round job.  Even though most of the work is done during the warmer months, winterizing in the early fall and using the tips above during the colder months will help you keep your lawn beautiful when you are ready to enjoy it most.

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