Beyond Composting: 4 Innovative Ways To Use Your Tree Trimmings

 Nothing is worse than having a backyard full of branches, leaves and chunks of wood, and the inconvenience of going to the transfer station to dump them is just a hassle. there are several ways you can use those trimmings around your house and yard that are tasteful, environmentally friendly and convenient. 

Next-Level Fires

One creative way to spice up your next bonfire or small fireplace is by donating a few of your trimmings to it, especially if you're trimming an aromatic tree like a pine or spruce. Logs or branches from these trees will make the whole room smell like a picturesque pine forest, and some logs will even give off some interesting colors in the fire. Also, white pine makes an excellent fire starter, as the high content of sap in the ends of the branches acts a lot like lighter fluid when exposed to flame. 

Make your Own Holiday Wreath

Spending $40 or more on holiday wreaths for the house every December can be taxing on the wallet. Instead, making your own wreaths from pine trimmings is easy. All you need is a wire frame, from floral wire, wire cutters, twine, tape and a few other items you probably have at home. For an added amount of versatility, garland is also easy to make and lends a tasteful flair to your home's exterior. 

DIY Scented Pine Cones

Another favorite from the craft store is the scented pine cone, which can very easily be made cheaply at home with the right materials. Making scented pine cones consists of letting dried out pine cones sit in a plastic bag with an essential oil (or two, if you're feeling adventurous). However, the process does take a few weeks to produce the best results.

Wall Decorations

Trimmings from trees other than pines can also be used around the house, and a simple bit of brown tape or wire can be used to spell out words in branches if you're dexterous enough. For an even better look, put some thin branches in a shadow box for a minimalist effect that will add to any decor, but make sure that they've been thoroughly dried and inspected for bugs first. 

Yard work doesn't have to end with a trip to the compost pile or the transfer station. Rather, your hard work can pay you back in the form of tasteful and interesting additions to your decor or next fireplace fire that your guests ad family will love. To learn more, contact a company like McGinty Bros., Inc. Professional Lawn & Tree Care with any questions you have.