7 Questions To Ask Before You Hire A Tree Service Company

Few homeowners have existing relationships with tree service companies, which means that finding a high-quality company is challenging. The cheapest option rarely yields the best results, and the most expensive option seldom provides the best value, leaving homeowners to choose between umpteen companies in between. To make the best decision, ask any potential tree service company the following seven questions before making a commitment. 

1. Is an ISA-certified arborist on your staff?

While many fly-by-night tree service companies are composed of little more than a few guys riding with chainsaws, who may or may not have any significant tree care experience, high-quality tree service companies usually have several certified arborists on staff.  

2. How old is your tree service company?

Every tree company is young at some point, but it always pays to hire experienced outfits. Experienced tree professionals have usually seen a wider variety of obstacles and challenges than those working at new companies have, which makes them more likely to remove or prune your tree safely and smoothly.  

3. Do you have valid liability and worker's compensation insurance?

Never hire a tree service company that does not possess valid insurance. Tree service companies are accustomed to such inquiries; they will not hesitate to provide you with proof. Avoid companies that display any reluctance to produce verification.  

4. Is wood removal or chipping included in the quoted price?

Removing or pruning a tree generates a considerable amount of debris. Some tree service companies will chip the debris or remove it from your location, but the fees associated with such services may not be included in the quote for pruning or removal.  

5. How do you intend to deal with the resulting stump?

Unless you want to leave the stump "as is," it will have to be removed or ground flush with the ground. Both approaches are acceptable, but find out if the costs of these services are included in the initial estimate.

6. Will a foreman or manager be on hand while the job is underway?

You may have questions or safety concerns while the job is underway, so it is important to find out who will be coordinating the company's efforts on the day of the job. Avoid hiring companies that send low-level workers without managerial support.

7. Will you use heavy equipment to remove or prune trees?

Some tree removal and pruning jobs require cranes or bucket lifts, which means that your tree service company may need to move heavy equipment across your property. Professional tree service providers take steps to protect your lawn and minimize any disturbance, while low-end companies are unlikely to exercise such care.  

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