Creative Ways to Add Storage Space in Small Home

Do you have a small home or apartment? Are you running out of places to put all your belongings? If you're living small, use these storage ideas to acquire pieces of living room furniture that are pleasing to the eye and also serving a second function as a storage location:

Tiered coffee table: A coffee table doesn't have to be just a table. There are many coffee tables that hide a large storage space. Accent your couch with a fashionable tiered coffee table so that you can use the top of the coffee table for your decorative accents while the bottom tier can store magazines and books. 

Ottoman: Many ottomans are solid cubes that are useless for anything besides storing your feet. Instead of buying one of those, choose one with a lid to store lap blankets and small neck pillows for perfect comfort for your afternoon naps. Whether your sofa is upholstered in leather or cloth, you're sure to find a matching ottoman that is not only stylish but will keep things out of sight for you.

Tall dresser: Purchase a new dresser or transform an old one into a stylish armoire by painting it in a color to match your living room decor.  Add new drawer pulls and other hardware to complete the look. A large dresser can make an especially good place to hide things that you want to keep out of reach of young children.

Window bench: Add function and beauty to your room by adding a bench beneath your windows, allowing you to sit and enjoy the view outside. But instead of choosing a bare legged model, select one that has storage for things like video gaming equipment and small craft supplies. You could also use it to hide reading material, allowing you to curl up in front of the window with a good book on a cozy day.

Console table: Do you have a console table behind your couch for your lamp, keys or other items? Don't let the space underneath go to waste. Find tall and thin baskets that will fit underneath, like small laundry hampers. Use them to store extra linens or blankets. 

Re-purposed end table: If you don't have any end tables, you might want to consider adding them to your living room furniture. If the end tables you like don't come with any storage space, consider adding a decorative skirt or curtains around the bottom, allowing you to conceal your child's toys.

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