Tips For Dealing With Bed Bugs

You've probably heard horror stories about bed bugs taking over homes and being impossible to get of. It is difficult to get rid of bed bugs because they are so good at burrowing into hiding places that pesticides can't reach. Plus, they are resistant to a lot of the pesticides you can buy at the store. However, if you call in an exterminator experienced in bed bug control, you'll be able to get rid of the bugs so you can sleep at night again. Even if you call in a professional, there are steps you should take to help the process along. Here's what you can do.

Prevent Bugs From Spreading

It's not pleasant to think about, but bed bugs are attracted to your blood. Therefore, they live within a fairly close range of your bed so they have easy access to meals. There's a good chance the bugs will be confined to your bedroom since you'll be there at night when they're active. If you try to flee the bugs by sleeping on the couch in another room, the bugs will follow you there. Since you can't outrun bed bugs, you might as well sleep in your bedroom to keep them from spreading throughout your house. That only makes them more difficult to eradicate.

Protect Your Bed

Just because you stay in your room, it doesn't mean you have to let the bugs bite you all night long. Instead, focus on creating a barrier around your bed so the bugs can't get to you. First, remove the existing bugs by using the crevice tool to vacuum your entire bed and frame. You may want to remove the headboard if it has shelves or several seams where bed bugs can hide.

Next, cover your mattress and foundation in bed bug covers. You can buy these mattress covers at department stores. Just be sure it says on the label that they are for bed bugs. If there are bugs living in your mattress, the covers will trap them inside.

The last step is to devise a way to keep bed bugs from climbing up the legs of the bed. You can try wrapping the legs in double sided tape so the bugs get stuck on it while trying to climb up. You could also place each leg in a small container of water or coat them with petroleum jelly. Also, make sure nothing hangs over your bed at night. If a sheet or blanket touches the floor, you have an instant highway for the bed bugs to get to you.

Clean Your Room

Once your bed is protected so you can sleep safely at night, you should go to work on your room. Eliminate hiding places by throwing out disposable clutter. You can put things like stuffed animals and decorative items into black plastic bags and set the bags in full sun to kill off the bugs. You should also go through your closet. Run all your clothes through a hot washer or hot dryer to kill off bugs. If you have a lot of clothes, bag up the ones you don't wear until you can deal with them. Bed bugs hide in alarm clocks, computers, and wall sockets. You'll have to thoroughly clean and vacuum your room to get rid of as many bugs as you can.

A pest control expert is useful for getting rid of bugs hiding behind the walls and other places you can't reach. He or she will advise you on other steps you need to take to get the situation under control. With a combination of pesticides, physical removal, and placing items in the dryer or sun, you'll be able to get rid of your bed bugs and sleep peacefully again.