Tips To Extend The Life Of Your Cut Flowers

Adding fresh flowers to a room can dramatically improve the appearance of it, but it is an unfortunate fact of life that your cut flowers will quickly start to wilt and die. While it is possible to have fresh flowers delivered on a regular basis, you can help get more out of this investment if you take proactive steps to help the flowers avoid common problems. More precisely, the following couple of tips will likely help you avoid some of the more common issues with your flowers. 

Always Use The Water Additives Provided By The Florist

When you purchase fresh flowers, it is common for a small packet of powder to be included with the flowers. Unfortunately, some people will avoid using these additives because they may feel they are unnecessary. Sadly, making this error can significantly reduce the life of your flowers. This stems from the fact that this powder contains many nutrients to help the flowers remain alive for as long as possible. 

In addition to providing much-needed nutrients to the flowers, these packets are also designed to help purify the water of any harmful bacteria. Bacteria can infect the flowers, which will quickly lead to wilting and death, but using this powder will sterilize the water. 

Trim Leaves Away From The Base Of The Stem

Another step that you can take to help keep the water clean is trim any leaves away from the bottom of the stem. This will prevent them from becoming submerged in the water. When these leaves are submerged for an extended period of time, they will be likely to start decomposing, and this can introduce vast quantities of bacteria to the water. 

Fortunately, trimming these leaves will only take you a matter of minutes, but you must make sure that you are using extremely sharp scissors during this process. Dull scissors will be more likely to rip the leaves off as opposed to cutting them, and this can expose more of the flower's interior to the risk of bacteria because there will be large gaps for the bacteria to enter the flower through. 

Freshly cut flowers can be an affordable way of adding elegance to your home or business, but if you are not careful with these flowers, you may find that they will quickly die. By using the water additive and trimming away the leaves around the stem, you can help keep your flowers alive and beautiful for as long as possible. Contact a company like Flowers And Plants for more information.