Give Your Apartment Great Character By Customizing Your Vertical Blinds

Making an apartment your own can be hard to do because many apartment complexes do not allow you to paint the walls. If you want to give your apartment a unique look, consider making your vertical blinds look completely different. The following guide walks you through a quick and easy process for customizing vertical blinds without causing any permanent damage to them.

Remove the Slats from the Track

The slats of the blinds are connected to a track that allows them to be turned or slid open when you want to let light into the room. To take down the slats, all you need to do is lift them off of the clip that holds them in place and pull them through the opening of the clip.

Determine How Much Area Needs to be Covered

Lay a slat down on the ground and measure it from top to bottom. Then measure the width of the slat and multiply it by the length. This will tell you the area of the slat. Measure that number by the number of slats you need to customize and it will tell you how many square feet of space you will be transforming.

Purchase Drawer Liners

Next, go to a home improvement store and find a stylish drawer liner that you feel would add an interesting look to your apartment. You need to look at the dimensions on the packaging of the liner to determine how many rolls of liners you need to get.

Trim the Liner

Unroll the liner and lay a slat on top of it. Trim the edges of the liner so that it will wrap around the slat to create a seamless look when you are done.

Add the Liner

The back of the liner will have a piece of paper attached to it to keep the sticky film from sticking to itself or anything else. When you remove the paper from the liner, be sure that you do not spread it on a carpet because the fuzz from the carpeting could ruin the stickiness of the liner. Lay the sticky side toward the ceiling on a table, tile floor, or laminate floor. Lay the slat on top of it and press it until it is as smooth as possible. Pull the sides around the edge, and smooth them as well.

Remove Air Bubbles

When you flip the slat over, there will be small bubbles of air between the liner and the slat. Poke a hole in the air pocket with a needle, and then push the air out of the bubble.

Once you finish covering all the slats, use a razor blade to carefully trim the liner from the opening at the top of each slat where the clip secures the slats to the track. Rehang the track, and enjoy the new look of your apartment.

If you do not already have vertical blinds, purchasing some from a company like F & R Interiors will allow you to create this cool new look.