2 Things To Think About Before Purchasing Furniture

As soon as you receive that end-of-the-year bonus, you might be ready to refresh your home with a few new pieces of furniture. Unfortunately, if you head to the store before thinking carefully about what you need or want, you might regret that purchase sooner than you think. Here are two things to think about before purchasing furniture so that you end up with furniture you will love for the long haul:

1: The Size of Your Entryway

That brand new leather sectional might seem like the answer to your prayers in the store, but what will you do if it won't fit through your entryway? While you may have measured your living room or entertainment area, don't forget to measure doorways, stairwells, and foyers to make sure that large furniture will fit into your home. This is especially important if you are a renter or you plan on selling your house soon, as miscalculating furniture size can leave you with dinged walls and scraped floors.

To make your job a little easier, ask the furniture store of your choice if they offer professional delivery. Experts who deliver furniture daily will understand how to streamline the process, avoid damage, and calculate the best route to the room of your choice.


2: The Longevity Of Your Previous Pieces

Before you purchase new furniture, take a few minutes to mull over your reasons for needing furniture in the first place. Why did your old furniture fail? Did those couch cushions develop unsightly tears because of a curious pet, or did your favorite cream-colored sofa become horrendously stained because of your toddler? Identifying the reasons that your older furniture was damaged might help you to avoid similar issues in the future.

For example, if your old upholstered furniture became stained and unsightly, you might look for leather or vinyl furniture that can be wiped clean with a moist washcloth. If your older furniture developed scratches because of a pet that you just can't part with, you might consider investing in less-expensive pieces, since you might be replacing them again soon anyway.

To make the decision process a little easier, don't be afraid to talk with salespeople about your previous furniture-related issues. They can talk with you about protective spray finishes, manufacturer warranties, and creative ways to avoid common issues.

By measuring your space carefully, evaluating your past furniture usage, and thinking about your future needs, you might be able to keep your new pieces pristine—without worrying about trendy pieces going out of style. Contact a company like AAA A-1 Appliance Salvage Warehouses to help you out with all your furniture needs.