Eye-Catching Finishes to Consider for Your Metal Roof

If you've made the decision to replace the roof of your home with a metal roof, you'll soon be enjoying a long list of benefits of this roofing style. While many people laud the long lifespan of a metal roof, people don't always consider the advantage of this type of roof being available in a wide range of finishes. Shopping for a metal roof is about more than just picking out a color of roofing material that will suit the exterior appearance of your home. There are also a number of different finishes available, and these can dramatically increase the home's curb appeal. Here are some eye-catching finishes to consider when you shop for a metal roof.


A textured metal roof isn't perfectly smooth like metal roofs you may have seen around your neighborhood. Instead, it has a series of small dents throughout the panels that combine to give the roof a nice visual quality. There's an added benefit to a textured metal roof—if you live in an area in which hailstorms are common, you may be afraid of large chunks of hail denting the metal roof. If this were to occur, any dents would be easily disguised within the textured appearance.


A style of metal roof that you may not have considered is one that is already rusted when it's sold. This rustic look might be exactly what you're looking for if you're shopping for a metal roof for your cottage or a home in the country. The rusted style pairs well with a home with weathered barn-board siding, for example. It's often possible to buy rusted roof panels as well as panels that aren't rusted but are designed to take on this appearance in a short amount of time. For some homeowners, this roof style can perfectly accentuate the shabby-chic style they're going for.


If you like the appearance of a tiled roof but favor the many advantages of going with metal, it's possible to buy metal roof tiles. In many cases, large panels of metal roof will have a tiled appearance. This will allow you or your roofing contractor to finish the roofing job more quickly, as it's faster to mount large panels to the plywood sheathing that work with individual tiles. You can find all sorts of tile shapes, sizes, and designs, and that will ensure that you'll get the finished product that you're looking for.