Coax the Kids Outside with These Five Backyard Additions

It's no surprise to parents that children need regular exercise in order to grow up healthy. The Centers for Disease Control recommends that most kids and adolescents should get about an hour of physical activity every day. But it can be hard to get some kids outside to play and be active. If you struggle with this as a parent, there are some inventive ways you can use your yard's layout and design to encourage your kids to be outdoors getting exercise without interfering with the beautiful space. Read More 

Enhancing Your Deck With Energy Efficient LED Lights

When you're ready to update the backyard, don't forget the ways that you can use creative lighting to enhance your deck's appearance and safety. Energy efficient LEDs can be used in a variety of ways, cost less to operate than other typical home lighting, and work well in all temperature extremes. Here is why using LEDs is a benefit to you and some suggestions as to how to incorporate them into your deck and back yard. Read More 

The Invasion Of The Creepy Crawlies: Three Recipes For Repelling Summer Time Insects Naturally.

It's the summer time and you are looking forward to afternoons by the pool and warm nights sipping on ice tea. The one thing you are not looking forward to is the sudden invasion of insects. Insects infiltrate the average home looking for water and dark places to give them a break from the hot summer air and your home is the perfect place for both. Don't let these bugs ruin your summer plans. Read More 

Exploring Mulch Options For Your New Strawberry Plants

Strawberry plants are shallow-rooting plants. Most root systems for strawberry plants grow less than a foot deep. That means that it's important to protect those roots with a layer of mulch. This reduces the risk of drying out, ensures a more consistent growing environment and helps you boost fruit production. Here are a few types of mulch you can consider for your new strawberry plants. Plastic Sheets You'll find plastic sheeting used in most commercial strawberry fields. Read More 

Five Good Reasons To Install An Electric Entrance Gate

Surrounding your entire property, not just the back yard, with a security fence helps to keep unauthorized people from walking across your property and peering in your windows, not to mention kids from trampling your flower beds and swimming in your pool. However, with a whole yard fence, you need a gate at the end of your driveway so you can enter and exit the garage. While you can install a manual gate at the entrance to your driveway, opting for an electric gate offers a number of benefits, not the least of which is keeping you opt of the inclement weather. Read More