Dogs And Swimming Pools: Safety And Maintenance

A refreshing pool can tempt even your four-legged companion on a hot summer day. If your dog likes to swim, it's usually okay to let him in the pool, as long as you take steps to avoid damage and maintenance concerns. Pup-Friendly Pool Design Not all pools are designed for dog use. Those with vinyl liners are likely to develop leaks from the stress of your dog's nails. If you plan to let your pet swim, a concrete or fiberglass pool is less likely to suffer any or to develop leaks. Read More 

How To Be Sure You’re Using Green Carpet Cleaning Products

Whether you clean your carpets yourself or hire a professional to do the job, choosing green carpet cleaning products means a healthier home for you and your family.  There are a number of products on the market today that promise to be the eco-friendly choice for carpet cleaning.  To be sure you're making a green choice, get to know what ingredients to avoid and how to tell you're making the right choice for your carpets. Read More 

7 Questions To Ask Before You Hire A Tree Service Company

Few homeowners have existing relationships with tree service companies, which means that finding a high-quality company is challenging. The cheapest option rarely yields the best results, and the most expensive option seldom provides the best value, leaving homeowners to choose between umpteen companies in between. To make the best decision, ask any potential tree service company the following seven questions before making a commitment.  1. Is an ISA-certified arborist on your staff? Read More 

Beyond Composting: 4 Innovative Ways To Use Your Tree Trimmings

 Nothing is worse than having a backyard full of branches, leaves and chunks of wood, and the inconvenience of going to the transfer station to dump them is just a hassle. there are several ways you can use those trimmings around your house and yard that are tasteful, environmentally friendly and convenient.  Next-Level Fires One creative way to spice up your next bonfire or small fireplace is by donating a few of your trimmings to it, especially if you're trimming an aromatic tree like a pine or spruce. Read More 

Prepare Your Grass For Winter Weather

Winter is tight around the corner.  The weather is starting to get cold, and what was once a brilliant green is changing to more of a muted hue.  It is normal – this is what happens to our grass and trees in the winter.  They are going dormant, as they need to do to survive the harsh weather.  But that doesn't stop you from feeling a slight twinge of loss when you see it happening. Read More