Reasons To Consider A Vertical Aquarium For Your Home

When you shop for an aquarium that you'll set up in your home, you'll often see a variety of wide, short rectangular tanks. While many people who plan to buy fish opt for these tanks, they're not your only options. If you visit a retailer that has a wide selection of aquariums, one style that you'll often come across is a vertical aquarium. As its name suggests, this is a tank that is tall instead of wide. Read More 

3 Signs Your Japanese Maple Tree Is In Distress

The Japanese Maple tree offers a variety of benefits for your home and landscape design. From improved curb appeal with its elegant shape and foliage to its production of shade with a height of up to 25 feet, planting a Japanese Maple in your landscape design is a smart investment.  Unfortunately, most people do not understand how to plant and maintain this unique tree. Without the right amount of sun, water, and nutrients, the Japanese Maple will not only stop thriving, but it will also begin dying. Read More 

3 Tips For A Successful Water Softener Installation

Living with hard water issues can be constant struggle. Fortunately, the struggle can be put to rest by installing a high-quality water softener. If you decide to install your water softener on your own, here are a few tips to keep in mind throughout the installation process. Choose Your Installation Location Wisely Knowing where to install your water softener is crucial for reliable and efficient operation. Installing your water softener in a sufficiently sheltered location away from your living areas but close to your water heater is recommended. Read More 

Eye-Catching Finishes to Consider for Your Metal Roof

If you've made the decision to replace the roof of your home with a metal roof, you'll soon be enjoying a long list of benefits of this roofing style. While many people laud the long lifespan of a metal roof, people don't always consider the advantage of this type of roof being available in a wide range of finishes. Shopping for a metal roof is about more than just picking out a color of roofing material that will suit the exterior appearance of your home. Read More 

Three Things Well Users Need To Know About Nitrates

The groundwater that supplies your well can be contaminated with a variety of harmful substances, including nitrates. Here are three things well owners need to know about nitrates. What are nitrates?  Nitrates form when oxygen and nitrogen are combined, and they're naturally found in both soil and water. While nitrates are naturally-occurring, they're considered a contaminant in high numbers, and they can affect human health. While adults can suffer from nitrate poisoning, babies are at a greater risk, and can suffer brain damage or even death as a result of nitrate exposure. Read More